About Us

Just like you, we’re a team of hard-working Canadian taxpayers who became increasingly frustrated with how impossibly difficult our tax system was to understand. We would often receive a cheque from the Federal or Provincial Government without fully understanding what it was for and were frequently left wondering if there was anything else we were eligible to receive.

Imagine, we thought, a simple tool that would ask you a series of questions solely designed to provide you with an actual dollar amount of government benefits you’re eligible for. No mandatory account registration, no time-consuming questionnaire, and always free. And that’s exactly what we did.

The average Canadian family spends 42% of their income on taxes. That means that in 2017, you won’t receive a single penny from your job until May! We think it's only fair that you retrieve everything you're owed.

As a Canadian taxpayer, we whole-heartedly believe that it’s your fundamental right to know exactly how much you’re entitled to receive back from the government.